Insomnia Kitchen

December 3rd, 2010, is the day when it all started. This was the day when freshly cooked, hygienic, gourmet style late-night food delivery was launched in Lahore for the first time. This was the day when Insomnia Kitchen came to life.

“Trying to keep my overheads minimal, I took permission from my grandmother to use the ground floor of her house which was empty. Eight years down the road, going from a home run kitchen to a two-story commercial setup has been a hell of a ride.

One Fourteen by Insomnia Kitchen is a sit-down restaurant that focuses on being the hippest late-night place, with a warm feel and yummy food. Having lived abroad, I wanted to introduce a model similar to a diner. We plan on going 24/7 eventually but taking it to step by step” - Shahryar Ali Zaidi (Founder)

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